72 and Not a Bit Rusty

When I got tickets last year for Paul McCartney’s OUT THERE tour the concert was cancelled. Paul got a virus. Fast forward one year and Paul is coming to Tokyo again. This time round I didn’t care how much the tickets would cost, I just got two. And he came, he... read more

Podkost Reloaded – It’s Back. Again. Th…

For all you Japanophile Germanophiles out there (yeah, it’s actually a thing), my German podcast “Kilians Podkost” has been revived after a hiatus of 3 years. This year looks like it’s going to be the year when I was picking up old habits… So... read more

New Site: Drummer, Interrupted

I just restarted playing the drums after an 18 year hiatus, for now I have only uploaded two videos of me casually playing along some tunes, but I will be uploading short drum lesson videos over the next days and weeks. So for everyone who is interested in playing the... read more

Calligraphic “Kakizome”

It’s a bit of a wrongly chosen term, actually. “Kakizome”  (書き初め) refers to the first calligraphy that you write in the new year, a tradition still upheld by many Japanese, so in my case I’d probably need to call it “Kakiosame” (書き納め) –... read more

Joining the Sith – Finale

This just a quick post to show you the final product. I totally forgot to post this, since I have been posting pictures over Google+ and Facebook at the time… Here’s the complete costume that even got me two 1st prizes at costume parties. It was fun, let’s... read more

Joining the Sith – Mask

The mask is what took the most time to prepare. I started off with a simple carton template, that I based on a photo of another cosplayer’s mask. First Template First cardboard skeleton Some Adjustments Adjusted arches to fit my head Then I started laminating... read more