So You Want to Know More About Me



I’m a German UX designer & EC consultant living in Tokyo, Japan.

I’m working The Plant as UX guru and consultant. Previously, I launched e-commerce operations for Lacoste Japan, served as e-commerce creative manager at Otto Japan, multimedia director at Pharma International, creative director at Digital Jungle, and multimedia developer at Rainbow Japan.

I’ve worked for clients such as ASICS, Lacoste, Aigle, Burton, Accenture, Toyota, TBS, Tôhoku Shinsha, NTT, Janome, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, and Honda and have managed teams of various sizes on creative and highly technical projects.

About This Site

Since I don’t have the time (and patience) to hand-code my own website (we’re all busy, right?), I’m using the brilliant Divi Theme for WordPress, I’m aware of some display quirks on phones, but I simply can’t be bothered to fix them (I get paid for UX, this site is free – get the gist?). Divi allows me to quickly post new ideas and even play with different layouts for each entry. This site isn’t meant to spearhead the next graphic design revolution, but merely to be a public sandbox where you can watch me play.

Me, Elsewhere

Drummer, Interrupted
I hit on things and pretend it’s music.

Kilians Podkost
My German now defunct podcast about living and working in Japan (2005–2015).