Soliloquies with a Megaphone

…and other tales of wonder

72 and Not a Bit Rusty

When I got tickets last year for Paul McCartney’s OUT THERE tour the concert was cancelled. Paul got a virus. Fast forward one year and Paul is coming to Tokyo again. This time round I didn’t care how much the tickets would cost, I just got two. And he came, he...
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Podkost Reloaded – It’s Back. Again. Th…

For all you Japanophile Germanophiles out there (yeah, it’s actually a thing), my German podcast “Kilians Podkost” has been revived after a hiatus of 3 years. This year looks like it’s going to be the year when I was picking up old habits… So...
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New Site: Drummer, Interrupted

I just restarted playing the drums after an 18 year hiatus, for now I have only uploaded two videos of me casually playing along some tunes, but I will be uploading short drum lesson videos over the next days and weeks. So for everyone who is interested in playing the...
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Calligraphic “Kakizome”

It’s a bit of a wrongly chosen term, actually. “Kakizome”  (書き初め) refers to the first calligraphy that you write in the new year, a tradition still upheld by many Japanese, so in my case I’d probably need to call it “Kakiosame” (書き納め) –... read more

Joining the Sith – Finale

This just a quick post to show you the final product. I totally forgot to post this, since I have been posting pictures over Google+ and Facebook at the time… Here’s the complete costume that even got me two 1st prizes at costume parties. It was fun, let’s... read more

Joining the Sith – Mask

The mask is what took the most time to prepare. I started off with a simple carton template, that I based on a photo of another cosplayer’s mask. First Template First cardboard skeleton Some Adjustments Adjusted arches to fit my head Then I started laminating... read more

Joining the Sith – Armour & Mask

This is all made from some kind of foam (some of it EVA, but I think not all) – don’t ask me about the material, I just went into Tokyû Hands, a DYI shop in Tokyo and bought what seemed appropriate. The Mask This is mostly a “standard” Sith Acolyte mask as seen... read more

Joining the Sith – The Garb

I’ve been busy working on my costume as well. It’s a mix of bits I had lying around and other parts I made from scratch for this opportunity. Honestly, for the whole costume I had made no real plan whatsoever. I just made it up as I went along. I wanted... read more

Joining the Sith – Lightsaber 2

The blade for the light saber was quite a challenge. In Japan it’s not like in the US where there are several stores specialised in selling parts for custom made lightsabers, there’s simply nothing here – well, to be honest if you go to Akihabara there... read more

Joining the Sith – Lightsaber 1

I have been invited to a Halloween party. Not that this is anything special even in Japan, but it’s the “Authentic Halloween Party”. Last year I had a blast, so I will definitely go again. What’s an ‘authentic’ Halloween? It’s about wearing a costume you... read more

iCloud now really sucks

I just got off an over 2-hour support call odyssey with Apple. Now that I don’t have my iPad anymore there seems to be no way whatsoever to setup my iCloud keychain without giving Apple an SMS capable phone number. If this were only for website logins and... read more

A New World

I got these “presents” on my 43rd birthday from my kids. Completely unexpected. My older son created “Doctor Who World” that for some reason features Iron Man – which I think is an intriguing idea. And his younger brother took the idea and made... read more