This is all made from some kind of foam (some of it EVA, but I think not all) – don’t ask me about the material, I just went into Tokyû Hands, a DYI shop in Tokyo and bought what seemed appropriate.

The Mask

This is mostly a “standard” Sith Acolyte mask as seen in the Star Wars game “The Old Republic”. The basic template is cut from cardboard paper. Then I put several laminates of paper mache on it. I actually used just flour and water for the glue, and added some salt (I read adding the salt prevents fungus from growing which is a problem in Japan).

The still not finished mask is now outside the house after painting two layers of polyester resin on it. It still stinks like hell, and it’s still not entirely hardened. As a next step I’m planning to glue a few more patterns on the mask cut out from EVA foam, after that it’ll get two more paint jobs, some padding on the inside and it will hopefully be finished then.


These arm protectors all made from three types of foam. I made the arm pieces from a stiffer material, because I guessed there’d be more unintentional bumping involved with my arms than my torso… I partially imitated the Sith Acolyte armour shapes, but also just made stuff up as I saw fit. E.g. I added some of the floral/leaf like design you can find on some masks to the hand piece as well.

Breast Plate

This is the most improvised piece. I simply looked at a breast plate design of some cosplayer that I liked, simplified it so that I could make it with the least effort (yep laziness is my biggest virtue), then made a 1st draft on paper, made sure it would fit on my body size, then roughly transferred the drawing onto the foam, cut one half then use that as the model for the other half of the plate.

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