The mask is what took the most time to prepare. I started off with a simple carton template, that I based on a photo of another cosplayer’s mask.

Then I started laminating newspaper stripes as paper maché.

The resin treatment was the toughest, since I have never ever used resin, so I asked the staff at Tokyû hands what would be best for the job. Their suggestions turned out to be rather stupid: use polyester resin. I bought it just to find out that

  • Polyester resin is one of the most toxic ones you can get
  • Mixing the hardener is difficult, because it has to be around 1% – tough to measure
  • Somehow it doesn’t harden well when painted and soaked into paper maché
  • The smell stench just won’t frigging go away

After the resin was applied it took about 4–5 days for it to harden (I put on two layers), although the leftover resin in the cup was hard after a few hours… go figure, must have been the fact that it was painted onto paper?

Even after two weeks it still smells really badly. But I couldn’t wait much longer, so I started paining the mask. I’m not entirely happy with the look, somehow I didn’t nail the dry brushing as well as with the breast plate, so it doesn’t look as metal like as the gauntlets and breast plate.

Now all that’s left is adding some foam on the inside and straps to hold the mask better in place. And some mesh behind the eye holes to hide the eyes. I also noticed that I should have made the eye holes larger, my sight is considerably impaired with this…

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