I’ve been busy working on my costume as well. It’s a mix of bits I had lying around and other parts I made from scratch for this opportunity. Honestly, for the whole costume I had made no real plan whatsoever. I just made it up as I went along. I wanted first to make a Sith Acolyte costume, because I thought the masks were cool, but there was too much armour for my taste, then I saw Darth Revan costumes and I liked that metal ring on the belt as well as the breechcloth as an accent.


In the end I just came up with a combination of the parts that I liked, lots of improvised bits and some imaginative elements. I aso threw in some red cloth as an accent colour.

Sith Robe

The robe is a handsewn piece that my grandmother made for a grim reaper costume when I was about 16 years old. I simply cut the front open, then I hemmed the borders of that cut. I also think the sleeves are not wide enough, so I’m going to make a slit at the top from below the elbow downwards (similar to the sleeves on Darth Maul’s coat). That’ll also expose the forearms more (and improve air circulation, Halloween parties tend to be quite warm due to the population density, and although it’s atumn, we’re in Tokyo were it doesn’t get really cold yet usually).

Tunic & Trousers

The tunic is just a traditional Japanese “Samué” (作務衣) with the sleeves cut off and died black. The trousers are standard “Samué” trousers.


The belt is entirely made from scratch. First I used a leather-look vinyl band, which had a leather-look side and unfortunately a “sticker” side. While that helped keeping the two halves of the belt together, it was a major problem for sewing anything onto the damn thing, because the needle and the thread would get sticky from the glue and the thread would break or become a tangled mess especially on the underside of the belt. I got the idea to put the red cloth on the thing while making it, it’s all ad hoc improvisation. The thinner “belts” on top are also vinyl strips, and then I put two belt buckles on them and sewn the belt pieces together.


Yes I know it’s off centre and my sewing is horrible. I used my mother-in-law’s old sewing machine, sewing the first time since about 29 years with no manual and no idea, cut me some slack. The red and the black breechcloths are held in place by velcro tape, because I thought I would probably want to wash the cloth some time, so they should be easily detacheable. It will also allow me to reuse the belt without breechcloth for other purposes in the future. I also put a bit of lead wire inside the bottom hem, so that it wouln’t just fly around with every little wind. You don’t want to have a Marilyn Monroe moment when you are a dark lord of the Sith, believe me. And after my first costume test, the breechcloth is probably too long, walking stairs is too dangerous at the current length…

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