Hi, I’m Kilian and I create user experiences.

If you came for that kind of stuff, head over to the portfolio section. If you came for weird stuff you might find my sketchbook of interest, otherwise be my guest and click around as if you were a usability lab rat.

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Joining the Sith – Lightsaber 1

I have been invited to a Halloween party. Not that this is anything special even in Japan, but it’s the “Authentic Halloween Party”. Last year I had a blast, so I will definitely go again. What's an ‘authentic’ Halloween? It's about wearing a costume you made...

iCloud now really sucks

I just got off an over 2-hour support call odyssey with Apple. Now that I don't have my iPad anymore there seems to be no way whatsoever to setup my iCloud keychain without giving Apple an SMS capable phone number. If this were only for website logins and passwords, I...

A New World

I got these "presents" on my 43rd birthday from my kids. Completely unexpected. My older son created "Doctor Who World" that for some reason features Iron Man – which I think is an intriguing idea. And his younger brother took the idea and made his own "Mystery World"...