ASICS Pace Your Race – Kiosk, Website & Server UI

Project Description

Pace Your Race is a high-profile ASICS service and system to provide runners with personalized pace bands to wear at races. Runners register via a dedicated website or at the event itself, enter their pace details and receive a custom-printed wristband (paceband) with race split times that they can wear during the race.

The Plant proposed to replace the current system for registration and printing of pacebands at race events with a more efficient, mostly “self-service”, easy to install and maintain system. I designed a new user-facing website for pre-registration. I also designed a new workflow and UIs for the updated booth system(s) to streamline the experience of receiving pacebands for runners and allow ASICS to operate the system efficiently.

Project Details


2015 ongoing

Website redesign, CMS backend UI design, server UI design, kiosk UI design, ongoing feature development

Interaction Designer, Creative Director, Project Manager
at The Plant


Website UI

Pace Your Race registration screen
Pace Your Race registration screen

Website Dashboard


Website Mobile Version

Mobile website

Kiosk UI

We also created a native iOS app for iPads to be used for registration and printing out the pacebands at the event booth. Signing is is done by scanning a QR code on the iPad.

iOS kiosk application

Server UI

The server (usually a laptop) controls synching of newly registered users at the booth to the website after the event, also printing happens via the booth server. Here you can see an early setup screen. The UI is assistive and meant to be used even by not very technical people.

Pace Your Race - booth server UI

Server UI

Pace Your Race - booth server UI
Pace Your Race - booth server UI