Qortex Unified Communication Platform

Project Description

Qortex came into existence to “scratch the itch” of ‘email hell’. Internally at the Plant we tried several alternative platforms, but found none of them working for us to cover communication as well as task management and chat, so we decided to develop our own platform.

Over the course of about 3 years we developed a very powerful platform based on my concepts, workflows and designs. After initially designing only an HTML5 frontend for mobile platforms, we decided to develop native clients for Android and iOS as well.

After Google published their Material Design Guidelines we did a complete UI overhaul for the PC site, loosely based on these guidelines. With our main focus moving towards development of the QOR SDK (The Plants open source e-commerce SDK), Qortex is currently in a very basic maintenance only mode. We are using this platform for all our internal communication & task management, and some of the client communication & task management.

Project Details

The Plant


Plan, design, and concept for a unified chat, messaging, event and task-management platform. Brand and logo design for Qortex, design & copywriting of front-facing website, interaction design of the web app, and designs for all system and marketing emails.

Interaction Designer, Product Manager, Copywriter
at The Plant


Main Timeline
Personal To-Dos list
Group To-Do list with milestone
Knowledge base article list
Qortex group setting for task management
Qortex email invite design

This video gives on overview of Qortex before we did a complete UI overhaul based on Google’s Material Design guideline.