The Plant Identity & Website

Project Description

As UX & Creative Director at The Plant, the first thing I worked on was refining the branding and logo of The Plant and formulating a proper identity. Based on that I also created a new design for our site, that matched the newly revised and updated identity. Initially we changed the corporate font to Caecilia (a slab serif font), because this would give the brand a more “factory” and “industrial” image in the 2016 renewal of the site we moved to Roboto Slab as the corporate font, because this would make it easier for us to easily create branded slide deck templates for Google Slides, which we’ve been using a lot by then.

Project Details

The Plant

2012 and renewal 2016

Plant Identity & Website design

Interaction Designer
at The Plant


Business Card Front & Back

The Plant business card

Single Project Page

Google Slides

With customised branding

Open Source Page

I have also designed all the icons for each open source project from The Plant.

The Plant business card

About Page

The Plant business card

Team Page

The Plant business card