Shadywoods Season 1

Production Status and Updates

The Challenge

Create an animated movie with no budget and no plan. At least I have cool software, a few years of experience in video production and two healthy hands. I also have a graphic tablet and lots of pencils – what could possibly go wrong?

The Solution

Don’t think too deeply about feasibility, just frigging do it. Put pressure on yourself by openly bragging about it on the internet… Pick up necessary skills as you go along, remember: the journey is the reward.

Development Stage Progress

So this stage is what for many movie projects ends up as “development hell”, or limbo. And I’m already feeling like that’s where I’m at. I have rewritten the synopsis about 15 times now. The whole story except for the two main characters has already changed entirely twice. I still am not happy with some crucial points in the overall story. I’m not a writer, so writing is that much more difficult for me. I should have stuck with drawing and post-production and just re-tell an old fairy tale – after all that’s how Disney started out…

  • Development 70%
  • Pre-Production 35%
  • Production 0%
  • Post Production 0%

Artwork & Movies