I have been invited to a Halloween party. Not that this is anything special even in Japan, but it’s the “Authentic Halloween Party”. Last year I had a blast, so I will definitely go again.

What’s an ‘authentic’ Halloween? It’s about wearing a costume you made yourself, not some shitty plastic thing you bought at Don Quixote. It’s about wearing something that says a little bit about you, not just being one of the uncountable throngs of nurses, devils, Spidermen, or whatever else comes premade in a bag.

So this year I’ll be doing something that needs a lightsaber, lots of sewing, dyeing, paper mache mask building, armour building and stuff, so it will also stall my Evil Spirits project entirely. It will keep me busy for weeks.

The first thing I went out to build was the shaft for my lightsaber. I based it on a 1000 lumen (yeah, baby!) pocket torch (so it already lights up) and the other main part is a kitchen sink pipe. Seriously. As a matter of fact, some of the original lightsaber props in the Star Wars movies were built from kitchen sink piping.

For the grip I just wrapped some rubber string around the torch.

The end is another shower/bath pipe plug glued to the end of the torch. I also used metal tape to hide the screw thread at the bottom.

Considering that I have never ever done anything like this before, I think it turned out not too shabby. Now I need to find out how to connect the blade so that it’s still detachable and will light up properly. Also the LED on the torch is white, so I’ll probably need to use some foil to get the red light (I’m not really confident with soldering, I tend to overheat the electronic parts, so I’m not going to replace the white LED with a red one).


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