About Me

So who the hell is this guy?

As you might have guessed from the URL, of this website, my name is Kilian Muster. I’m a designer from Germany who emigrated to Tokyo, Japan.

I (re)discovered my love for animated films in 2019, when I realized, if I ever were to realise that animated series I always wanted to make, it would’ve have to be now or never.

And so I went and created three episodes of Phungus & Mowld as a one-man production, doing absolutely everything myself. The pilot episode received several awards at various (minor) film festivals.

Kilian Muster

Now that I know how to take a project from the page all the way to the screening room, having worked on all stages of such a project I want to take the next step: 

My other animated film “Shadywoods”. This time I’ll try to find funding to have the animation itself produced by a proper team and in a more sensible timeframe.

Stay tuned for updates on that front. Follow my blog(s) for each project if you’re interested, or check out my YouTube channel.

I think following your dream is the perfect way to get over your midlife-crisis. Hopefully people will have as much fun watching my animated stories as I enjoy making them.

Any questions? Get answers!