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So who the hell is this guy?

As you might have guessed from the URL, my name is Kilian Muster. I’m a typographer & designer from Germany, now living in Tokyo, Japan.

Besides my day-job I’ve got various personal projects going, which I share on this website, hoping someone finds interest in them.

Just before my 50th birthday in 2019, I realized, if I ever were to revisit my dreams – and what the hell happened to them – it would’ve have to be now or never.

Kilian Muster

So I finally started work on producing my own animated series “Phungus & Mowld” all by myself as a one-man project.

The first episode received several awards at various (minor) film festivals. This motivated me to also revisit another idea I had for a fantasy animation, I named “Shadywoods”.

Follow my blog(s) for each project if you’re interested, or check out my YouTube channel.

I think following your dream is the perfect way to get over your midlife-crisis. Hopefully people will have as much fun watching my animated stories as I enjoy making them.

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