Accord Cine Fest – Double Award!

Jul 15, 2021 | phungus & mowld

I’m extremely proud to announce that the pilot for Phungus & Mowld has won TWO awards at the Accord Cine Fest June 2021: BEST SCI-FI SHORT as well as BEST PILOT EPISODE.

I’m really stoked that my little escapade into animation actually wins these kind of awards that aren’t animation specific, but awards that reward “films” of a certain genre etc. Although I’m a designer my aim wasn’t to make the most artful, beautiful animation, because I know I lack the experience and skill for that, but I just want to tell entertaining stories, where animation is a means to an end, rather than trying to be a piece of art in and by itself.

You can call that commercial, mundane or whatever, but this is why I probably will never get any animation specific awards, because those are heavily focused on the execution and being “artsy”. Which is fine, but that’s not why I started this series. I just want to entertain people with the limited means I have, so any award I get that judges my stuff based on whether it’s a good story or just plain entertaining fun, that’s the highest praise for me.

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