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Moho Webinar
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Moho Webinar on Phungus & Mowld Production

I was asked by Lostmarble, creators of Moho (the animation software I use to create Phungus & Mowld) to do a webinar on my series, and of course I was thrilled to get this opportunity. So, if you want to take a closer look at my workflow and character rigs and...

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On the Scarcity of Yourself and Time in General

No matter how I rethink it, optimize my workflows, no matter much I improve my productivity – there’ll always only be one me. And that one me doesn’t have unlimited time. So as long as I don’t find a way to fund my creative ventures and split that time and work to...


Storyboard, Schmoryboard

I’m still struggling to put all the ideas I’ve collected over the years for Shadywoods the Comic, Shadywoods the Series and now Shadywoods the Feature Film into a coherent script of more than 60 minutes. I’ve also re-discovered some half-written scripts with long...


AFM And Onward

Attending the American Film Market this year, I learned that episodic content (i.e. series) are a hard sell, unless you’ve got at least one full season completed and ready, especially with adult animation, where [adult swim] seems to be the only game in town...

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Episode 2 is OUT!

It took me much longer than I anticipated, but Phungus & Mold's second episode is finally done and published. If you want to watch it you can do so immediately either via Vimeo On Demand (worldwide), or purchase downloadable mp4 files with embedded subtitles...

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Episode 2 Status Update (Aug)

I've been working on completing episode 2 with limitations during my convalescence holiday, and have bumped into several software related issues that didn't really make my life easier. Some were from macOS and some from the software I'm mainly using to create...

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Episode 2 Status Update (July)

I really feel like Phungus here being dragged away by outside forces. The reason is that basically most of my family caught COVID-19, they were able to just sit it out at home and recovered swiftly, but in my case the fever just wouldn’t go down, so I opted to get...

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Accord Cine Fest – Double Award!

I'm extremely proud to announce that the pilot for Phungus & Mowld has won TWO awards at the Accord Cine Fest June 2021: BEST SCI-FI SHORT as well as BEST PILOT EPISODE. I'm really stoked that my little escapade into animation actually wins these kind of awards...