Ep. 3 Status Update (Sep ’22)

Sep 7, 2022 | phungus & mowld

Now that I’m churning out animations and complete scenes I finally get the feeling to be moving forward again. Currently almost 10 minutes of the 21-minute-episode are in the can and it looks like the final piece wil be released in October the latest.

I’ve also been translating subtitles while editing the episode, so this chunk of work will be mostly done in time for the completion of the final cut. It’s an enormous amount of work that I found to be much easier to do when you add translations little by little for each scene or shot after editing that part in Final Cut Pro. Also it gives me the opportunity to review my translation with a pair of fresh eyes right away when the whole episode is completed.

2.5 Dimensions Should Be Enough For Anyone

I’ve been making more use of the 2.5D aspects (i.e. putting flat 2D elements in a 3D space, so the software can create a parallax effect, real shadows, etc. to give the scene more depth) of Moho and Apple Motion in this episode, and I’ll definitely be relying more on this functionality in the future. For Moho it’s great to be able to put a rough scene or room together in a simple 3D environment, because it gives me the freedom to setup the whole scene in one location with one big background setting, but creating several shots and scenes from that virtual “set”. I can move the camera around to give even a simple conversation more visual variation.

The cockpit of the Pon Kho 2 – recreated in 2.5D in Moho

With Apple Motion it’s just the fact that I can use lighting that really helps to set the mood, even though having to render the characters separately and putting them in the scene and the planning for that is a bit of an overhead.

The abandoned warehouse in Apple Motion. Left the camera view, right a perspective view without lighting.

Status At a Glance

If you just quickly want to know how the next episode is coming along check out the production overview page. At the top you can see summaries of the existing and upcoming episodes, and a visual progress indicator for all the important aspects of production.

As of early September this is where episode 3 of Phungus & Mowld is at:


I’ve discovered a new way of rigging arms in Moho, which looked very promising. So I tried the arm rig on Mowld and put it through its paces creating several scenes, which is where I found some flaws and some strengths. Eventually I updated Mowld’s rig with a modified version that suits my needs for the series better. This vlog shows the original rig, how to create it, and you can see my modified version. Mowld’s rig is now at version 46 (!). Every time I keep tweaking or adding things I increase the version number. Phungus being less complex of a rig is only at version 32

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