Episode 2 Status Update (July)

Jul 15, 2021 | phungus & mowld

I really feel like Phungus here being dragged away by outside forces. The reason is that basically most of my family caught COVID-19, they were able to just sit it out at home and recovered swiftly, but in my case the fever just wouldn’t go down, so I opted to get into the hospital, just in case. After battling with high fever for a week at home, I ended up staying at the hospital for another 1 1/2 weeks. Now I’m finally back at my house, but I still feel rather weak. After having a fever for 2 1/2 weeks and basically just lying in bed my legs are wobbly and even walking short distances seems exhausting. So I’ll be trying to regain a bit more of my body strength slowly at home, before I can return back to work.

This will leave me with at least some time to work on Phungus & Mowld, but I find myself quickly tired, so I’ll have to pace down and take breaks every now and then.

Episode 2 Release Plans

Naturally all my plans for episode 2 and onwards are totally screwed. Even being at home with some extra spare time, working on this project is exhausting just having recovered from COVID-19, so I have to adjust my own expectations on how much output I can create over the next few weeks. So my best guesstimate is: episode 2 won’t be done before the end of August. In January my original plan was to release episode 2–4 by the end of the year (ambitious!), then I scaled down to up to episode 3, and now it looks like I won’t be able to release more than just one new episode this year. This is a huge bummer. I will start working on episode 3 this year, but when that will be finished I have no idea now. Well at least I’ve got some immunity against frigging COVID-19 now, so there.

Vlog is Still Coming

Hopefully I can use this time of convalescence to produce one or two vlog episodes. I think talking about designing for animation and my workflow would be good timing, since I’m currently in the middle of producing an episode, so my memory is fresh, and I have enough materials to show and share for a vlog episode like this. Stay tuned folks…

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  1. Ines

    Have a speedy recovery!

    I just discovered your work on YouTube (I am learning how to use Moho) and it helps a lot seeing the process on how you do the whole production all by yourself.

    Very inspiring :)

    Grüße aus Heidelberg!

    • Kilian

      Oh, thanks. I’m really hoping to put out a few more vlogs, but I’m also trying to finalize episode 2 of Phungus & Mowld. Choices, choices…


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