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Mar 8, 2023 | shadywoods

I have been quite silent for a very long time. I’ve been trying to finish a feature film script for Shadywoods and I actually wrote about three scripts, none of them completely finished, but each between 50 and 65 pages long. Every single time I ended up with an interesting story altogether, but every time it felt like it wasn’t clear who the hell the protagonist actually was, and it wasn’t really the kind of story I set out to write.

If your story is about a place, it should be made into a series, and if your story is about a character, it should be a feature film

— Someone Smart

I think I’d have to add something. If your story is about a character with an interesting arc, it should be a feature, but if your character is a good basis as-is for several interesting or funny stories, then do make it a series. And when it comes to me, no matter how much I try to write a feature film, I think the scenario and characters I come up with always end up to be series material.

I set out to write a feature film, knowing it’s easier to sell and get funding, but you’ve got to work with what you’ve got. So be it. After wasting months trying to write something I can’t, I’ll bet my luck on writing what I think I can at least complete, so a series it’ll have to be.

The Best Time Is Now

Originally Shadywoods was supposed to be in a medieval setting, but all the stories I came up with turned out too serious or taking themselves too serious. I thought: What if I set the whole thing in the present? It wouldn’t have to be completely modern – Shadywoods forest being a bewitched forest would be isolated from the world around them with zero cellphone reception, no electricity, and also no Google Maps, just a big green blob with no details – uncharted, unchartable.

New ‘Hero’ – From Unkempt Knight to Apathetic Slacker

Many years ago I had this idea of an anti-hero, who’s a knight, but he’s bald, not good looking, unshaved and generally unpleasant. I found the character interesting, but never went and developed him.

First I just tried to turn him into a present-day average unpleasant Joe.

Unkempt Knight (working name)

I just took a bunch of my sketches and reimagined them in a present day setting. While drawing I was bubbling over with ideas for settings, character traits, things he could do, his signature line, his name, the adventures he could have. Rather than having to painfully squeeze ideas out of my brain I felt inspired, which I haven’t felt in a long time. Finally the fun is back in writing stories, so stay tuned for the pilot to be released within this year!

Regarding the back story and the characters I don’t want to spill too many of the Shadywoods beans yet. I’ve even been contemplating giving the series a different name (one that I could get the .com domain for). But that’s not decided yet.

For now I’ll be writing the pilot, hoping to complete it by the end of March. In the worst case I’ll have to make another episode all by my own. If things go well, I might be able to get some funding, because have something upcoming that might get me there…

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